Terms of participation services Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ), subscriber or not.

The portal www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) is a research area network - numbers and data from football matches around the world:

Contains the most possibly - a database that can store and export to scheduling a DATABASE

The existing and any new services on the Website www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The visit to the site www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) is for visitors acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.

If the reader / user / subscriber wishes to subscribe to Web www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the data requested and to maintain and diligently to update the registration data to keep true , accurate, reliable, current and complete.

The portal www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) which belongs to the company Carvo welcome Ltd with registration number HE 187229 by country office in Cyprus, provides users with services subscribers, upon acceptance of the terms of use and completion of their registration. Subscribers shall remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, name, and generally use their account (user account). Subscribers agree to immediately notify the www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) for any unauthorized use of their account and all have been supplied and / or a possible security breach. Also, subscribers are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and formal exit from your account at the end of each year (Logout). The www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the inability of subscribers to respect and follow this clause.

The www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) reserves the right to modify and / or discontinue temporarily or permanently all or part of the services and assistance. This happens with or without notice to users / subscribers if it finds that the user's subscription package purchased distributes the code to third persons.

The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) as we have said has created software to Lawful use to monitor the smooth evolution of the Subscription Areas to avoid diplochrisimopoiisi the codes have been distributed.

The user / subscriber / customer understands and accepts that www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the use of / access codes to services and / or discontinue the availability of content to users / subscribers believe that they have violated the letter and spirit of these terms.


Except for specified exceptions, copyrights and content of the Site www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and all the files on this web site are the property of Carvo welcome ltd as we have said and are protected under the provisions of Cyprus Law, European law and international treaties.

During or after the assistance is prohibited to use, reproduce, copy, publish, display, switching, transmission, in any way exploit any part of the contents of the services without prior written permission of the publisher.

All content and services of the site's www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) wholly-owned company Carvo welcome LTD and is available only for personal use.

Exceptionally, copying or printing data only for the purpose of studying and analyzing them solely by the visitor of the site, provided that such information will not be changed, altered or used misleadingly by the visitor of the site

The subscriber understands and accepts that he has no right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and / or commercially exploit in any manner all or part of the Site content www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa )

Credit Card Information

The www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) working with a credible independent body to process bank transfers, and thus can not keep your details once and are not directly involved between your transaction and the company that processes bank transfers.

The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) is required to provide proof of recovery assistance to Subscribers with 15% VAT, as provided by the VAT Act of the Republic, so it should be written factual information about you when you requested to send the proof required must be sent to you.

Even in this case, the proof is cut with the name (Unknown) and submitted to the competent Tax office where it belongs carvo welcome L T D, and all the rest.


The visitor / user that interests to be advertized in Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ), to take all necessary for this information should fill in the application the following information: Name / Company Name - Telephone - E-mail - URL (Web address of advertising for the website). The Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) not responsible for the political protection of personal data used by advertisers to this when dealing with visitors / users of these services.

Exclusion of Liability

The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs Portal www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) not responsible for any loss or damage from any use of the site and / or services and / or information contained in this and argues that since there is no military threat - Terrorist attack - Earthquakes - Disasters and generally where it is responsible, will provide at least 15 days a month. These services are identified with at least 3 cards per day approach during the period of 15 these days.

The week is deemed to 30 days.

Readers - users - customers use the services with responsibility for crosschecking of information.

Links to other sites are provided for convenience and should not be construed in any way as an endorsement, recommendation or approval. The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) not responsible for the content of such sites to protect personal data since they are beyond her control. You are responsible for studying and accepting the terms and conditions of use of such websites.

The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited - has no responsibility to communicate with others to provide services that are advertised in www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) for any commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.

Protection of minors

Visitors / users www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) who are minors are not allowed to access services Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) that may be considered inappropriate for minors and which can not be controlled by the Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ). In each section, or service may contain material inappropriate / offensive / obscene will be no warning to the visitors / users. Nevertheless, if minors voluntarily users visit pages with material inappropriate / offensive / immoral, and which can not be monitored continuously, the Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) and the company assumes no responsibility.

IP Address

H address IP (eg is determined by the provider (Internet Provider) connection through which the H / H of the visitor / user has access to the Internet and then Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ). The IP address is reserved for technical reasons, as well as issues of security systems Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) (server, data base, network, etc.), while utilized for gathering statistics.

The IP user access to pages Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) may be surrendered to the police or judicial authorities, upon request, if the user to take actions or content posts that violate state laws.

Processing of Personal Data

The management and protection of personal data under the terms of relevant legislation on Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law 2001, L.138 (I) / 2001 and / or related regulations.

The Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) has the right to edit, collect, record, organize, maintain and store personal data.

The aim is to support and promote services and the satisfaction of the requirements of Subscriber-users - readers with the preparation of reports and petitions relating to profitability, use, evaluation and analysis of traffic and other factors relating to the services of the Site and which may facilitate future promotions of the company and its products.

The Company will not transmit or disclose personal data to third parties unless authorized by the data subject or if required by law and / or judicial decision or award is in the processing of scout data to third parties.

There is a right of access and correction to personal data collected by the Company, incomplete requirements when registering user by sending a written request to email ceo@Betanalysis">ceo@Betanalysis ( one set DaTa )

Application law and other conditions

The above terms and conditions of use of the Site www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) and any amendments thereto, are governed by Cyprus law, the European Union law and international treaties. Any provision of these terms to be against the law ceases to apply and subtracted from the present, without in any way affect the validity of the remaining terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between the Carvo welcome LTD Company Limited which belongs www.Betanalysis ( one set DaTa ) as we have said, initially, and the reader - user - Subscriber pages and services, not only binds them. It may be amended at any time. No modification of these terms should be taken into account and be a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated into this page so please visit it often and read its contents.

Continued use of the Site after a change in terms is considered as acceptance.

If a visitor / user / do not agree with the terms protection of personal data provided herein should not use the services of Betanalysis ( one set DaTa )

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